MorphoJ #

新建 #

File > Create New Project

File type 选择 TPS > Create Dataset

准备 #

选择 Project Tree 文件夹中的Dataset

Preliminaries > New Procrustes Fit > Align by principal axes > Perform Procrustes Fit

Preliminaries > Generate Covariance Matrix .. > Execute

Preliminaries > Extract New CLassfier From ID String 其中 First character Last character 填写数字,Name for new classifier 填写对应的字母 Execute


Variation > Principal Component Analysis

Graphics > PCA > PC scores 右键调整颜色等信息 常用的有 改变散点大小 Resize Data Points,改变散点颜色 Color the Data Points,置信区间 Confidence Ellipses,输出图片Export Graph to File

Results 查看 Principal Component Analysis: PCA: CovMatrix, newDataset, Procrustes coordinatesCumulative 一栏到第二个,就显示 PC1 和 PC2 总 cover 多少


Comparision > Canonical Variate Analysis > Classifier variable(s) to use coordinates 选择一个 > Execute

Graphics > CVA > CV scores

Results 查看 Variation among groups, scaled by the inverse of the within-group variation 同样看 Cumulative